Just another Sleepy Saturday (to the tune of Manic Monday)

I love Saturdays around here. 

One of the main reasons why I felt it was important to take control and lose weight, was to be healthy and active for my family. Since I made the commitment for a better me, our family has become so much more active. Last weekend we were going for winter hikes, and this weekend (like most weekends) we went skating. 

Last year we went skating twice. I was only able to skate a very little bit. It was hard on my knees and my feet. My skates were too tight and the weight added so much pressure to the uncomfortable fit that I wasn’t too active. I was embarrassed and felt like I was letting my son down. 

This year we have gone about 5 times now. Our son is skating on his own now. Our family enjoys family skate night. It is an active way to spend our time. Had I not lost my 35 lbs, I wonder if I would be able to share this experience with our son?? I have NO regrets!! I want to be active with my family, end of story.

BUT… Not the end of this blog post. 

This week was exhausting. I woke up this morning and had no energy. I finally did my workout and NOTHING. I was left even more exhausted. Finally before skating I decided to have a shakeology with an energy boost. Initially I saw no difference but about 15 minutes following my shake I was so hyper! I had no much energy. I REGRET not having my shake earlier. If you haven’t purchased the energy boost, I strongly encourage it. 

SIDE EFFECT to Energy Boost – aside from being a tad bit hyper and definitely an increase in energy, I noticed I had a little bit more gas, that has a stinkier scent. My son started calling me stinky tonight. 


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