Non-Scale Victories

When I started this journey, I was dead set on a weight I wanted to be. The number on the scale would be my focus. That’s what happens with other diets. Heck, we even let other people look at and record our weight and give us stickers when we find success. But when the scales went up, it was easy for me to get discouraged and quit. I would walk away and deem myself fine with how I looked. Going up in numbers wasn’t ever a motivator, especially if I worked hard that week. 

Things have changed this time. I really value Non-scale victories. Whether it be fitting into an old pair of jeans that are no longer too tight, fitting into a medium top or seeing the inches come off, even if the pounds don’t budge. 

For the last month, I have plateaued on the scale. I thought for sure that it had something to do with my water intake. This week I was purposeful in getting my water in everyday. It meant many trips to the bathroom (even through the night). To my disappointment, the scales didn’t budge. Initially I was frustrated with all my hard work. Was it worth it? 

Well, yes it was!! I took my measurements and lost 2 inches in a week!! I need to keep reminding myself that this is a process and change is happening. That being said, I do plan to step things up with my eating (going back to my measuring cups). 

Another non-scale victory is my wedding rings are about to fall off. I don’t want to get them sized right now, as I have more to lose and I would like to maintain for a year before I go and get them done.  

I now have a spacer. It might be hard to see but there is a significant amount of space that I have here. 

Also, today I bought a new sweater that is in a medium. Not all my sweaters are mediums, but when they are, I celebrate!!

Just keep in mind that this is a process and a journey. There is no need to rush. Also that the non-victories are another thing that can help keep you motivated. 

What are some of your past non-scale victories?


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