Workout on the Road

This week I had to travel for work. I find it one of the harder things to do. Eating well while in the road. These are hard to do. But I’d say I did okay. 

Before hitting the road, I made sure I did a workout in the morning, before I left (this was my 60th workout). 

Wednesday morning I got my workout in. About 25-30minutes in the elliptical. 

As for food, in the morning I had my shake, with eggs, ham and fruit. I went no carbs in the morning as I didn’t know what was for lunch. For dinner I had LoneStar but kept it to chicken fajitas but I tried the lettuce wraps. Typically I have 3 or 4 wraps but I stick to one tortilla and 3 lettuce wraps I was proud. (Although I am sure my drink had more calories than I ate all day but that is for another blog post).  

    I made decent choices. Not perfect but I felt good with my choices. Here is to being home, cuddling with this little guy and sleeping in my own bed!  
(Check out his batman epipen holder!! He’s so cool)


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