Never Miss a Monday

It is true. My group has said this time in and time out. Working out always helps me stay focused and on track. I was determined to work out tonight. 

I came home with an intense headache, actually still have it. I took Advil, drank lots of water, but still no relief. I thought about not working out. But if I do that, then I will need to start back at 1. (FYI ~ I have challenged myself to completing 100 workouts in a row. Every day for 100 days. Today was workout 66). I really don’t give myself the option.  

I said that yoga might be what my body needs, just to get through it. But then something came over me and I wanted to start Hammer & Chisel. So, headache and all, I completed Chisel Endurance!! I feel fantastic!!

An awful picture but sweat was dripping, everywhere. 

It was an okay day. But I never do well when surrounded by goodies. The school inward supporting today had “soup day” where the staff room was filled with soups, fresh white breads and lots of dessert (including a decorate your own cupcake station). I was strong but distracted by these “healthy homemade granola bars.” They tasted too good to be healthy, so after indulging in three, I asked for the recipe. 

Here is the recipe:

Chewy Tasty Granola Bar Recipe

Clicking the above link will take you to the recipe. These are delicious, a great treat and would likely be a yellow (or two depending on how big you make them). 

Glad I made the most of Monday, did you?


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