Trying Something New

When I started doing this blog, I was really putting myself out there. I started to share what I was doing things I wouldn’t put on Facebook. Which is odd, here anyone can see it, but I wouldn’t post it for my friends?? I know, I am an odd ball. Really, I have to be, posting all these sweaty selfies for strangers to see!!!

On Facebook, I’ve never posted a video of myself doing a workout, but on my second or third post, I did that! I haven’t since; but I will try tomorrow. Instead, something I haven’t done is show a video of the program I am doing.

Right now I am doing Hammer & Chisel. I am doing the Chisel calendar. Today was Iso Strength Chisel. They don’t have any clips of this actual program released, so I took a clip from someone else. What I want you to see is that you don’t need fancy equipment to do this program – just modify and use what you have (but still be safe). I don’t have a bench, and currently am using a little step stool – but because I am loving the program, I will get a bench here soon enough.

Day 3 – Iso Strength Chisel Video


Tonight was workout 67. If only I could get as obsessive about my eating as I am about working out. I will have control soon. I will continue to plan, and one of these days I will stick to it!



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