Keep Calm and Reduce Stress

Tensions at work are causing me additional stress, which means I have been making extremely poor food decisions. I am eating so much.  People always say to just exercise, but food has always been a part of my relief (which in turn causes additional stress, much like I am feeling tonight). Oh, and you should see my fingernails (or should I say lack thereof). 


I know I am making poor decisions because I am not taking pictures of my food. Almost like I am embarrassed or not proud of my choices.  This entire week has been challenging. I started eating extra servings of bread; RIGHT BEFORE BED!!! I wish I had more strength. As the week has progressed, my eating has increased with tonight being a new low for me. 

***Disclaimer: Incredibly honest post to come, one I am so embarrassed of. I am sharing because I know I am not alone. Today was just a day, and a part of my journey.*** 

Tonight I skipped dinner, not sure why. I was exhausted from work and had basketball tonight. After basketball I had to pick up groceries (I am starving, know where this is going?). I bought a large bag of popcorn – Chicago Style and a Mountain Dew. Did I mention  I also picked up a medium pizza from Little Caesar’s? On my drive home, I pigged out. I ate so much pizza and popcorn that I made myself sick. I was so disappointed in my choices I cried. I am afraid my strength is dwindling or getting hidden behind my stress. 

As of today, I vow to find control. There has to be other ways to deal with this stress! 

I decided to do some research and found these great tips for keeping calm when stressed. Thanks Mommy Mentor Blog for these great tips:


I have this image handy on my phone. I plan to look at this tomorrow when I get stressed. 

I have worked hard. Today was a bad day. Just a little wrong turn in my journey. I plan to get back on the highway tomorrow — want to join me?

Thanks for reading.  This was a tough entry. 


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