January 1, 2016

I have been on this journey for a long time — a journey to a healthier me. This one has been one I have been talking about for as long as I can remember. On this blog, I am going to share my journey. Remember this is my journey – there will be detours, traffic jams, and hopefully lots of green lights, along the way.

This is my post, which is more like a history lesson, bare with me, I am a math teacher.

Something happened July 7, 2015. It was the beginning of my first 21 Day Fix Challenge. What I thought, was honestly, a quick fix, and then I would return to old habits; case closed. I was surprised. I had amazing success my first round 12.5 inches and 12 lbs. This was my start. By September, I had lost 20 inches and 27 lbs. I was doing my workouts, running, and becoming more and more active. I was happier (seriously), a better parent (more active), I had so much more energy.



My July to September picture. Crazy right?

So, being a teacher, along came September, and back to work. Focus went away from me, and more to work. Typical of most teachers.

By the beginning of November, I had put on 12 inches, and 9.5 lbs. Can we hear another, “Crazy, right?”

This was it. I had just been in a traffic jam, for 10 weeks, gaining more than a pound a week! I needed to get things back under control.

So, here I am. Since November 13th, I have made a vow to workout every single day until I get to 100 workouts in a row. As of December 8th, I lost the 12.5 inches I had gained!! Today’s workout will be 49 in a row! Almost half way there.

My fitness goals for 2016:

  1. Complete my 100 workouts in a row.
  2. Drink at LEAST 8 cups of water a day.
  3. Run 10 km.

Here is a snapshot of my journey until now.

PicMonkey Collage

I plan to share recipes, workouts, successes and struggles on here. Stay tuned for more.

Here’s to 2016! Thanks for following my fitness journey!